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Microsoft Teams in Doylestown, PA

It’s popular, no doubt. But when it comes to voice communications, Microsoft Teams has also been problematic.

Clients tell us they’re concerned because Microsoft isn’t a voice provider. Some have experienced quality-of-service issues. Others want features that Teams doesn’t offer, like a receptionist and advanced hunt groups. Still others report that international calling is too expensive. And when our clients have tried to resolve these issues themselves, it’s been costly and time-consuming.

The good news is Microsoft has selected an exclusive group of voice providers to enable users to connect their Microsoft Teams Phone to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) via a Direct Routing partner or Operator Connect partner.

At Verticall Networks, we work with most of these approved carriers so we can connect your Microsoft Teams Phone if you’re in Doylestown, PA or anywhere else in the world. We can help you decide if you need a Direct Routing solution or an Operator Connect solution. With our expertise we will not only make sure you get preferred rates and the full power of Microsoft Teams Phone, we will give you redundancy for free!

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